Supporting Young Musicians and Musical Activities in Staffordshire

Grants for Young Musicians

A vital part of FOSYM’s work is providing grants and awards to help encourage and develop musical talent amongst Staffordshire’s young people.

Lavey Fund Awards

These charitable bequest awards are available each summer for students nominated by Staffordshire Performing Arts who have demonstrated musical achievement, engagement in ensemble activities and support for other students.

Students will be awarded certificates and in some cases cash prizes.

Moran Fund Awards

The fund assists pupils in paying for Grade 8 examinations or helping them to purchase music for this examination.

It may also be used to present a monetary prize for the highest mark awarded for a Grade 8 examination within Staffordshire Performing Arts.

Higher Education Audition Grants

As from 1st September 2015 FOSYM is able to offer a grant of £65 to any student who attends an audition or advisory audition in connection with applying for a higher education course (degree or equivalent) in music or music theatre at a conservatory, university or college of higher education.

The terms are that

  • the student must live in Staffordshire
  • he or she must be under the age of nineteen at the time of the audition
  • only one award may be claimed in any one academic year
  • the award will be paid on receipt of evidence that the audition was attended

The award is available for an audition on any musical instrument or voice (or a combination). The grant is not dependent on the outcome of the audition or the success of the application.

Other FOSYM Grants

The Trustees will from time to time make other grants. The criteria for these is that the proposal:

  1. Is likely to meet the Charity’s aims by widening access to musical education and/or encouraging excellence in music education and personal or group achievement.
  2. Demonstrates value for money.
  3. Shows evidence of partnership in funding, i.e. a school, family, other charity or commercial partner is also contributing.
  4. Is for an activity or musical experience which could not happen without FOSYM’s support.

The Trustees will accept proposals for grants from those with a professional interest in music in Staffordshire, in respect of individuals and groups (aged 18 or under) who live in the county and attend a Staffordshire school or college.

As an indication, most awards in the past year were less than £250 each.

Applying for a Grant

If you wish to apply for a grant from FOSYM you should return this form to

Grant Application Form

Your application should demonstrate how the proposal meets the criteria set out in the links above. Applications will be considered at the next Trustees’ meeting after they are received. These meetings take place at least three times a year.

Note that FOSYM will not support examination entry fees, lesson fees or activities which should normally be funded by school budgets.

Friends of Staffordshire's Young Musicians is a Registered Charity No. 1037650

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